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Empower our Youth Foundation is a national 501c3 non-profit organization for youth ages

5-17 years old.  The foundation provides initial and expanding services for families, youth, and the community on reporting all forms of bullying to the appropriate authorities. CEO/Founder Tonya Kelly is very passionate about her organization as an elementary school educator and parent of children who have been bullied.


Empower our Youth Foundation

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About CEO/Founder Tonya

Tonya is a community activist for bullying prevention resources and services with her Empower Our Youth Foundation organization that is working to bring attention to the problem of all forms of bullying happening in our schools and communities. Tonya's motto is "To empower/inspire youth and families to be a Voice against bullying".

She is also a "Teacher In The Community" who is working to inform and educate people about distance learning and the educational resources needed to prepare your child for learning during this unprecedented pandemic.

She earned her Masters Of Education in Early Childhood Education and is a teacher of third-grade students at a local Columbus community school.

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Empower our Youth Foundation

The Full Story

Tonya's children were bullied and the experiences changed her family. The organization was launched to build confidence, social-emotional learning tools in kids by empowering them to “Stop Being Silent” against bullying by teaching bullying prevention and bringing awareness to all forms of bullying. 

Our youth are suffering from the effects of bullying due to a lack of support for bullying prevention.
Technology has created a new venue for bullying which results in aggressive behavior or harming


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Empower our Youth Digital library of Antibullying videos and information

You don't have to suffer alone!!

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